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CV boot clips


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I need to order some new large CV boot clips for my 1999 car with tin can (not tripoid) type drive shafts.  I ordered some and received those for the tripoid type, which are the low profile type oetikers and which seem to be too big on their tightest setting for my drive shafts.

The type that came off are the compression type with an "ear" which is crimped - a bit like an adjustable version of a fuel hose O clip. 

Looking online, all of the replacements that I can find operate by the outer band clipping into holes on the inner band, which must mean that the sharp tips of the teeth must be at risk of cutting into the boot?  The ones that came off my drive shafts clip the other way round - with the teeth pointing out from the inner band.  Can anyone point me to a source of these "in to out" clips please?  I'm struggling to find them..

Or may be I'm worrying unnecessarily about the teeth pointing inwards...

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