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Quick query regarding rear wiring routing please


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I'm just re-wiring / re-plumbing the rear of car in advance of re-installing the diff next weekend.  Does my routing of the wiring over the diff mounts in the pics below look right?  Annoyingly I didn't photograph this bit during strip down.   Once the diff is in, space will be tight to re-route anything so I want to be sure it is all correctly routed now.  It's a 1999 1.6SS K-series imperial chassis, widetrack with std diff.  Pics:

20230402_125323.thumb.jpg.361439622a4a5ffd7ab7dd03059fe7a6.jpg 20230402_125925.thumb.jpg.66f8fc10651ae29cff13745b9e1c6bb8.jpg 20230402_125937.thumb.jpg.af73d1bced35fc056f8e0719e6163351.jpg

Thanks in advance for any help.


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