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Stuff used for a 170 Build for sale


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I have just completed my 170 build and have various items that I am not going to have space to hang on to.  There are some tools and various partially used consumables (which should still be sufficient for at least one more build). 

I am in Cambridge and would prefer for someone to pick this up, although willing to drive ~30m or so if we can meet half-way.  Message me if you need any more info.

I have included a price to take the lot at the bottom.


  cost me For sale
Mobile axle stands £261.00   £182.70 
1/2" to 3/8" Hex Head socket (for engine mounts) £17.70   £12.39 
Seal drift set £22.94   £16.06 
Consumables (part used)    
ACF-50 £24.98   £7.49 
Copper grease £9.69   £2.91 
Grommets £7.25   £2.18 
P clips £10.99   £3.30 
Heat shrink £6.99   £2.10 
Instant gasket £18.92   £5.68 
Loctite 577 £26.20   £7.86 
Locktite 243 £17.20   £5.16 
Everything   £223.03 
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