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620S - Under the Air Intake


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When pulling my car out of the garage yesterday, I noticed some 'orange' liquid on the floor (a tablespoon's worth). So removing the bonnet, I found the source of the leak and had a quick tightening of pipes, etc. But poking out of the bottom of the air filter I saw this pink, what I assume to be some sort of assembly spacer, which I removed. This 620S is brand new (2 months old).

This is going to sound like a very strange question, but should I put it back under the air filter?

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When you say poking out the bottom, do you mean it was sitting under the air filter box or in the box itself?

If it was in the box then it could have been put there to catch any surplus oil from when the air filter was "oiled up", I certainly don't have a piece of foam in mine. If the piece was under the air filter box then I'm afraid I've never removed the whole box so anything could be lurking under there *smile*

As an aside, it might be the angle of the photo but your rubber connection hose to the airbox to me doesn't seem to be  as "nicely seated" as mine. Probably nothing but maybe worth taking a look.




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The piece of pink plastic (hard) was underneath the air intake, I assume to prop it up. Therefore I was wondering if it had been left by mistake or on purpose.


Maybe Caterham having fitted the engine went to connect up the air box and found it didn't align properly. Rather than trying to alter the angle of the inlet pipe, which in probability would have been a bugger to alter in situ, went for the easier option instead and "propped up the airbox", or the packing was used to help "set" the angle of the pipe in the first place and as you say they forgot to remove it , not that I'm casting nasturtiums for either scenario *rofl*

Of course it could be a new secret go faster mod *hehe*

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