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Two-piece '7' Grille for SV / 620SV - Brand New


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Purchased last month (but just over 30 days ago, so I can't make a return) from Caterham Cars and still in original packaging and totally as new - well, they are unused and new!

These are the 'two-piece' grilles, comprising (i) the mesh element and (ii) the part with the "7" shield.  They cost me £141 from Caterham Cars including shipping.  They will fit metric body (so post 2009 or thereabouts?) SV and 620SV nose cones.

Looking for £110 to include shipping.  Just the job for a spring-time spruce-up!


Grille4.thumb.jpg.d12196c244b0f585cf296802f5f833f2.jpg Grille2.thumb.jpg.5d92d9daf814e1debbba29d5575ddcac.jpg Grille1.thumb.jpg.6dd8d0e4a8409050b3250037def2ab4d.jpg

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