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NOW SOLD - 620SV nose cone, grilles and fixings (for SV / 620SV)


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And now for something a little different.

Left over from an abandoned project (don't ask) I am selling a complete front end kit to fit an SV of any flavour (to upgrade the car's appearance to the more contemporary 620 front end) or as a replacement for an existing but damaged 620 SV nosecone.

The unmarked main glass-fibre moulding just needs painting to match (or contrast) with your existing body colour, of course.    The grilles are new and unused (the "7" can be repainted to choice), the special 620 number plate mounting bracket, mountings and all fixings, Dzus fasteners, spring retainers and body brackets are included.

To buy these components individually would tot-up to £770 plus.  I'm looking for £550 (plus shipping, if collection from Warwickshire is an issue).


Cone1.thumb.jpg.0a1986c5bf4b39c5be63ff95bfffd8a9.jpg Cone7.thumb.jpg.ac96767e40f1820f5739de15b4b61658.jpg Cone6.thumb.jpg.5609e53e07ddc9a428bcd407e24cf068.jpg Cone5.thumb.jpg.40ab3a24de07ce21461dfb023520903e.jpg Cone4.thumb.jpg.57398b993294e0da406d79d552626132.jpg Cone3.thumb.jpg.d4b3d3f2fc5f6d359d4b56575ff7a415.jpg Cone2.thumb.jpg.1c9a06a382dbaf58e881a92bf47e4c6b.jpg


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Thank you, both Patrick and Jason

This is proving to be more sought-after than I had thought!

So to be fair and transparent to you both:

Patrick was first out of the blocks and has asked for 24 hours to carry out some measurements which I am, of course, happy to agree to.  So first dibs to Patrick until tomorrow evening.

And then second dibs to Jason (R400svn), as the second hand to be raised.

I hope you'll see I'm trying to be fair here - all will be settled by this time tomorrow evening!

Again, thank you both for your interest.


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