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Who wanted a photo of the water rail?? Sorted - wrong forum (nerd)

grumpy the 7th

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Can't find a previous post of a water leak issue (they wondered if it was HGF) suggestion was mad re the water rail leaking and running towards the front of the engine block. They asked for a photo of where the rail fixes to the head.

Anyway, I've attached 2 photos (with the temp sender wires removed for clarity) you can see the rail flange with the hex bolt where it's a suspect place for leaks. (you can see some sealant squeezed out on mine where it was fixed & resealed many years agoIMG_20200924_163409775.jpg.06a732fd9db2cc60da8181c8f8d83d65.jpgIMG_20200924_163430156.jpg.3f7e2f7f5ef020ced18a673f0746dc6d.jpg, I didn't just want to trust another new gasket)

Hope this helps?

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