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Meteor Motorsport Progressive spring kit & 225Lbs Front Springs £120


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Hi all,

Due to being old and having a bad back I've gone soft on the springs, so these are for sale.

Comprises of 

Front 225Lbs 155mm long 2.25" ID

Rear 200Lbs main, 250/625Lbs helper. 175mm/100mm 2.25" ID

They were supplied by Meteor when I bought some Quantum dampers. Very good condition overall, no rust etc. Fronts will fit narrow or wide track. 

Buyer collects J3 of M3 or can be posted for £11.

Post interest on here and then Blatmail me and I'll contact you.

Dropped price to £120.



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Hi Andy, 

maybe interested due to favourable spring rates.

A couple of questions:

- the make of the spring?

- front springs look a bit short - standard Caterham is 7" - that equals to 177.8mm. 155mm gives you roughly 6.1"

- the rears: the length of the rear main spring?, not sure I understand 250/625 lbs/in. 175mm is (give or take) 7 inch, 100mm equals roughly to 3.9 inch. The standard Caterham rear spring is 9 inch long. 


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