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replace headlamp bracket order of things


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Hi, Need to replace damaged far-side headlight bracket. Does anyone have any advice on how to approach this and the least stripdown i can get away with?  I think the front ARB needs to come off to enable retaining upper wishbone bolt to come free... but not sure beyond that?

Wiring is all disconected, just need to physically remove the bracket.

2014 Supersport R (210) Duratec. 



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You'll need to remove the:

Wiring from the econoseal connector, if you're reusing the headlamp inners.  If you're getting a new headlamp/lighting then snip the wires and then rewire the new.  There should be a grommet where the wiring goes through the side skin which will stop the wiring pulling through.

ARB brackets at the front by the radiator.  You may need to move the radiator but check your particular car.

Spring/damper, one end only.  Jack the car up and pop it on axle stands, you can let the wheel drop, or support it a little.

Front upper wishbone bolt.

Then it's a case of wiring the headlight through the new bracket, best done off the car, and reversing the process...read some blogs about the wiring, it can be a pain but it just needs some time and some silicon lube to help it.  Mine is:


Have a look at the blow up diagrams in the build manual as they're pretty clear.

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