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VX C20XE Cooling - ATPower Related


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I know XE cooling flow path is a bit of an old chestnut but in browsing the ATPower throttle body web site their technical drawing for the XE bodies shows the two water outlets at the front of the inlet side of the head to be combined in to one chamber on the TB flange with one outlet pipe. In many other cases these are separate with the top outlet being treated as primarily an air bleed to be T'd with the rad bleed to the expansion tank and the lower outlet connected to the submarine pipe as part of the main cooling flow. I know the two outlets are in fact partially connected by a small channel in the gasket as standard.

Does it seem reasonable to combine these two completley and if so to where is the single outlet best connected?

AT say 'we have engineers' and the design would have been guided by engine builders/race teams.......


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