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Child car seat


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Lad is finally interested in the car and wants to go for a drive. Anyone managed to fit a child car seat into an S3 with standard belts and leather seats?  Group 2/3 seat  (15-36kg, 3-12 years). I've seen it done, I just don't know what brand and model it was. Thanks.

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I've got a Trunki car seat (which doubles as a ridgid back pack) for my S3 with leather seats. I have a 4 point harness and have to slide the seat forward a bit to make sure you can tighent the shoulder straps sufficiently. We probably started using it when my kids were 5yrs old. 

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From other discussions, the Volvo car seat fits. This isn't knowledge from personal experience but from comments here.

BTW:- Do you mean lap & diagonal interia reel belts or track type four or six point harnesses (which are probably more common amongst owners)?

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