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Croft track day


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Wow, its quiet in here.

After having finished my build and managing to get a sneaky 500 miles in whilst (still) waiting for the DVLA to process my registration application, I changed engine, g/box and diff oils just in time for the Croft track day.

It was not only my first Lotus 7 club track day but also my very first time out on track in a Caterham. It was the best day out I have had for a long time. The car was awesome (aside from a slight misfire late in the day) and all the niggly shortcomings of using it on the road all came into their own on track. Such a different experience to tracking a road biased car. It also didn't even rain, which is a first for me at Croft.

I have now already booked the introduction to sprinting at Curborough at the end of the month and Brands Hatch in October. Next season I expect to be blowing a large portion of both my income and my holiday entitlement out on track.

I must say it was a very well organised event and good to chat with like-minded people during the day, whilst soaking up much valuable information. Thanks to John Pringle for a few knowledgeable pointers and also to Mike Jenner who spent the day taking some great photos. Three weeks to Curborough is going to drag.

A couple of gratuitous pics courtesy of Mike.




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