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Land Rover for Sale 110 TD5 Long Wheelbase


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£8750 Ono


- October 2004 Defender 110 TD5 (Police Specification - no ABS)
    - White
    - 188,718 miles

    - Good bits:
        ○ Only two owners Kent Police + me (from 146K miles)
        ○ Solid chassis - been looked after
        ○ Engine & mechanicals in good shape - well maintained
        ○ MOT until end April 2020
        ○ New wheels & tyres 2018 - old wheels needed cleaning up
            § 7.50 x R16 Michelin Latitude Cross x 5 (new spare inc.) £520
            § New Wolf Rims £240
        ○ Clean interior
        ○ Wright Off-Road front cabin sound matting - brilliant noise reduction and keeps everything clean - might benefit from refitting a bit closer, but works very well
        ○ Wiring tidied up behind dash (coating slightly perished -> indicator problem - now fixed)
        ○ Rear split 1/3-2/3 seats
        ○ Legendary off-road and bad weather performance - even with Latitude Cross tyres it drives up hills in snow like it's a dry road - truly amazing
        ○ Comes with a couple of tubes of matching police-vehicle-white touch-up paint to make everything sparkle again
    - Less good bits if you're a perfectionist:
        ○ Front seats could do with a refresh as slightly torn (can buy kits cheap)
        ○ Front door cards could do with tidying (passenger sealed a little at edge, drivers side a bit loose at top, nothing that an hour with a couple of tools and new fittings won't fix)
        ○ Rear 1/3 split seat release handle replaced with metal pull (works, just not original pull as per 2/3 side)
        ○ A few holes in dash tops/sides where police gear taken out
        ○ Couple of holes in rear roof section where blue lights taken out - were covered up, but now opened again to let new owner decide what to do for best
        ○ Couple of rectangular holes in the front grille where blue lights taken out
        ○ Missing Landrover badge on grille
        ○ Bits of slight bodywork rust in usual places, again nothing that a couple of hours won't fix to make perfect
        ○ As with many Landy's the aluminium panels could do with beating out in a few places if you're a perfectionist - personally I love a few small imperfections here and there as it shows the cars character
        ○ I've hidden the OBD under the middle seat console, easily accessible by taking out a couple of console bolts

Only let me down once when the high-pressure fuel hose detached when driving across Belgium.  Otherwise been absolutely faultless, peerless and brilliant fun.  Approximately 42000 miles in my ownership, 38000 mostly motorway ~55-65 mph, a few thousand to/from Luxembourg on the motorways, and a few thousand more around Scottish Highlands and Hertfordshire B-roads - it's not had a hard recent life at all.



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