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Classics on the Common


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I was out in my silver CSR ... don't think I spotted your roadsport.  I did exchange a wave with a white / pinstripes S3 (?).  Perfect opportunity for a blat!

Towards the end of the show, I was able to park on the main field.  Great for soaking up more of the atmosphere and amazing weather.

Brilliant show classics on the common.  It combines a display field with varied classics with what seems to have become an informal tradition of hoards of vehicles parading down the A1081 which runs past the common - lined with spectators, overflowing from the pubs ... complete with burn-outs and shouts of 'rev it!'.  This pretty much blocks Harpenden for a few hours and has become a bit more carefully policed in recent years.  Still hilarious though and long may it continue!

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I think one of the other Sevens I saw was the white one you mentioned. Was exiting a roundabout, so only a brief glimpse heading in the other direction. Pretty sure they waved… the best I could manage was a nod of thanks.   

I've read your Roadsport / CSR journey posts  - very enlightening. I'm an early morning blatter - when the roads are quiet. Will keep an eye out for you when I'm on Coopers Green Lane :) 

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Ah yes, those posts were a while ago.  The original 7 I had was running on bakelite tyres at 30psi and I wondered why it had scary handling *smile*

Guess we've got to make the most of Coopers Green Lane given that it's one of the few decent driving roads around St Albans. 

I'm also a fan of M25 J22 - bear with me on this - the satellite roundabouts north and south make up a tiny circuit, which is pretty much empty early in the morning ... !

I'll look out for you at one of the Herts meets that I get to infrequently ... happy blatting !

tks, Andrew.


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The M25 roundabout circuit sounds interesting, hopefully the tarmac isn't too cut up. Have you tried the roads round Ashridge Estate?  Early mornings are great, especially up to Ivinghoe Beacon and back via Tring station road. Old Toms' harpin is a hoot too.

Not made a Herts meeting yet - Wednesdays are tricky and I have to juggle the kids alongside my blats. One day I'll have a free Saturday… the 507 is a great road though.

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Somewhat worryingly, the tarmac on the 'mini circuit' seems to be a lot blacker than I remember, particularly around the corners.  It's probably comprised of a good few mm from my now dead CR500s ...

Yes I do know those roads around Ashridge and Ivenhoe - I've got a sat nav route the runs up from St Albans, though Gaddesden Row, across Ivenhoe Beacon, back via Ashridge and past Gaddesdon Row back home.  I've also got a route that runs east of St Albans via Welham Green to Broxbourne Woods.  Plenty of nice 2-lane roads around there too.

It's tough juggling all the family stuff, which is partly why I head out so early, when no one is up.  Back at the start of the summer and as treat to myself, I drove the entire length of the B660 (made famous by Evo mag).  It starts at Bedford and finishes in Ramsey, up in Cambridgeshire ... a 140 mile round trip.  Was a spectacular early summer day, sun rising and mists in the fields, etc.  A great road with a lot of different characteristics, from twists and turns in the early sections, to very long straight raised sections across open fields at the end.  I'll remember that drive for quite a while.  I had to have a long sit down when I'd got back and was in a bit of a daze for the rest of that Saturday.  So, something for a quiet day!

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