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R500K Roller Barrels - access to undo supports? And refit procedure?


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anyone have any tips how to get at these and with what? 

Every time I have looked over the years I have been filled with a certain dread if I ever have to get at these to remove them. 

Also any tips when replacing with new very welcome. 


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I'm struggling to picture them on RBTBs but if access is anything like it is on a VVC it makes it a bit easier if the extension has a "wobble" type end that lets you get the socket square onto the fasteners even if the extension bar has to be angles a bit.
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Thanks both. Are there any instructions for the fitting such as torque settings and any tightening sequence? Thankfully I find I have on my shelf a new gasket marked from DVA. Happy days :-)

I since took some pics where access from underneath with said long extension looks like the way indeed:

56AA11CC-65F5-480B-A0BF-3847669FC21E.thumb.jpeg.395ba8b682e962c7dc359f59aa3f31b7.jpeg D0C6CE6D-7FB0-4863-A8EE-F615A9DEF383.thumb.jpeg.6c8083465733315521ca18407c1e93dd.jpeg E3DF43B4-D25B-49C8-A81D-715B7C713F28.thumb.jpeg.6bb5c419cc3b7361b9c405c802757f6a.jpeg A16BA95D-BEC1-4B02-99D9-01A3EC02BA1A.thumb.jpeg.256f792897d4732cf1691168a0c7fb04.jpeg DEE46175-1B28-4B9A-BD5A-2DB1E3524732.thumb.jpeg.5574844e5a3518a3307affe27adf4ec6.jpeg

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