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360R new build plumbing

Julian G

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Evening all, first post for me! 

Currently building a 360R and a having a few issues with the coolant hose layout! I have a heater and there seems to be different views on which pipe to connect to from the submarine tube? Top or bottom?Other issues is the routing of the pipe from the heater down to the modine, can’t seem to find the best way of getting it down there! Not helped by the fact that the current manual is for the Sigma engine! 

Any help photos, will be greatly received! 


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CTR mint and purplemeanie blogs are really good. They are for 420R but presume it should be pretty much same for 360 as it is same base engine.

Not sure how to attach links but if you search this forum you will find lots of threads from CTR mint and link to his blog on his posts. He has set up links to other blogs including ‘purplemeanie’ on his blog.


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The purplemeanie coolant hose section shows a hose that didn't exits on my 360R / 420R, its described as the "Recirculating Hose", and appears to connect to the block near the thermostat, however all the duratec thermostats I have seen have two connection, one for the bottom hose and one for the T hose.   

That said, its a good starting point. 

The 360R has the addition of the oil/water cooler near the oil filter.  The hose that runs between the heater and the T in the purplemeanie diagram needs to go via that oil cooler.  

Ironically I think the 420 has more space because you don't have to run coolant hoses to the oil/water cooler, which in my car was further complicated by the washer bottle being under the plenum, and the crank case breather is deleted in the 420.  I also found it very tight around the thermostat with an S3 and the 103C stat. 




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I built a 360 R last year and have just seen this so sorry for the delay  

I agree it’s not clear. 

I ended up contacting Derek and using his info that with the blogs. Lots of complications but that combination worked in the end. 

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Glad to hear I'm not imagining things Chris! :-)

Some of the confusion about where the submarine goes might be coming from how different people lay out their pipework. On my diagrams (and on the cars I'd seen to that point) the pipe from the back-right (offside) of the cylinder head is routed UNDER the back of the cylinder head to the submarine and then on to the bottom fitting on the heater control.

My diagrams are here in case anyone is interested: https://www.purplemeanie.co.uk/index.php/2017/09/23/build-session-17-5-caterham-420r-water-and-oil-overview/

Since then I've seen some people route that pipe from the back-right of the head up and over the back of the head, through the submarine and then to the bottom of the heater control. It makes it easier to adjust and tighten the jubilee clips on either side of the submarine but, IMHO, I think it makes the routing of the pipe to the heater less neat and doesn't give as much free space around the back of the battery for "other projects" I had in mind.

You pays your money and takes your choice :-)

I hope that hasn't confused things even further!


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