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£500 8 spokes with usable cr500


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Coming off my R500 Collection Salisbury, Bournemouth or Lymington Van deliver at cost.

CR500 tyres usable but getting close to wear bars, good for a bit of road or track use, slight cracking on side walls.

Front wheels good condition

Rear powder coating coming off inside of rear, outer edges look great

20190707_192625_0.thumb.jpg.e174cb7c84eb2b67a9ea6864d28d0637.jpg20190707_192057_0.thumb.jpg.ead82a0f5691d1c12a988ddebceb5e45.jpg 20190707_192646.thumb.jpg.5696e06638a2d4e28f91791402f72bb1.jpg20190707_192641.thumb.jpg.3f414fde51281fcd8abad8bade1d70f9.jpg

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