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For Sale 10-spoke (15") Caterham Anthracite Wheels and CR500 tyres


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I have 5 of the above wheels and tyres (195/45/R15) for sale.  One of them is the spare wheel version of the 10-spoke Anthracite, fitted with an unused CR500.  The other four wheels have centre caps and the tyres have approx. 3mm tread left.  Two of the wheels are in very good condition, whilst two are starting to show some flaking in 'not so visible' areas.  No other damage to the wheels though.

Prefer to sell as a complete set (£900).  Based in Hertfordshire.  Cheers...Richard.

IMG_1850.thumb.JPG.8b196c94a4939d28e94f811471a1aebe.JPG IMG_1851.thumb.JPG.5cd863dc47c3dd8e61c674a6cdca1977.JPG IMG_1852.thumb.JPG.c5d72f9600367162b5bf76352b38cfba.JPG IMG_1853.thumb.JPG.250a72fd17188b349aa3deecc28436e2.JPG IMG_1854.thumb.JPG.8f674f71525dfd3aab3a9a1a696d1cf7.JPG IMG_1855.thumb.JPG.de4f586cc175d761bc53b77f69bd0a3a.JPG IMG_1856.thumb.JPG.17541fd09c4012dc5200f551580a8d51.JPG IMG_1857.thumb.JPG.38a35bbd9e57719d335b6ae5a0bf9e0a.JPG IMG_1859.thumb.JPG.492a5b2063f0ecfc9af818f22e826eed.JPG IMG_1860.thumb.JPG.40eafb8c3269faa03e9c291970c54aca.JPG IMG_1861.thumb.JPG.0017142ddab0020fa1a3d97ed8cc18e5.JPG IMG_1862.thumb.JPG.820c0892afb03f46a83c742fad45011b.JPG

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