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2.0 duratec

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Got a 2.0 duratec caterham , brand new with only 130 miles , when its idling its fine but the first bit of throttle input sees the revs die to a point sometimes that it cuts out if it doesnt then it picks up . on a very small static throttle input on the drive it goes up and down constantly . does it need rolling road / mapping properly ?

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It doesn’t need remapping.  If it’s dies as you pull away get it back to CC so they can fix it. 

It well documented that the standard map uses manifold pressure over throttle position to determine the need to idle. My 360R had similar flat spot and since I have easymap I connected it up to see what was happening.  I made my car 100% more drivable by increasing the vacuum pulled at idle.  I did this by slightly closing the throttle body at idle, and improving the rubber bungs used to cover the unused manifold holes (although I don’t think that did much).  The other must, if you don’t have an isolator for the battery is to disconnect the battery before any adjustment, the ECU is permanently powered, so need a power off reset to make the adjustment work.

if you do decide to remap, get the map changed to throttle position from manifold pressure, and your flat spot will be gone.

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