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Wheel sensor

gulf 1

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I was having trouble with my speedo so have bought a replacement wheel sensor from CC .I recall seeing a diagram on here of the nut positions for fitting,does anyone know how it goes.

PS I have the latest earth mod and the speedo works fine up to 85mph.

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If it is the latest type of sensor (as my recent build SV) the large plastic insulating plug goes through the bracket hole with its retaining nut on the trigger wheel side. The sensor itself obviously goes through the centre of the plug. I only used one sensor locking nut and put this on the outside of the plug not the trigger wheel side. The sensor is a snug fit onc ethe main plug is tightened so it's not going anywhere. 

 The nominal gap is 1mm but I found it necessary to drop this to 0.8mm. Derek H gave me good advice, that I would never have spotted. If you look at the sensor before fitting, it has 4 holes on its circumference. If you turn on the ignition and move the sensor  (connected) towards ( say) the brake disc ,you will see an orange glow coming from inside the holes when the sensor has triggered. This same glow is actually visible when fitted, at the joint between the sensor and the cable. It looks like a black mastic joint but the light is there at the trigger point. Use this for your adjustment.  

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Thanks Pete

I did  not think there wasn't,t much room for 2 locknuts.I saw the 4 holes but couldn't see how I was going to see them when the sensor was fitted as they are inside the plastic plug,but if as you say there is a glow at the wire /sensor joint that will make setting up easier.

PS did you use the supplied crinkle washer?

Thanks again for your help.


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Just fitted the wheel sensor however I'm not happy with it.To get the required gap between sensor and trigger wheel the sensor has to be screwed so far into the plastic plug that I had to wind it in using the cable because there was  no metal left .Also because it goes in so far I can't see any glow from the LED to set it up and I had to put the locknut  on the ring side and was unable to tighten it to my satisfaction.I have looked on CC parts list and it looks like the bracket they use now is different to the one on my car (2015 supersport ).I have just ordered the updated bracket and hope that sorts it.

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