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Oil pipe ‘clip’


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Was cleaning under the car today, wiping the muck from the oil pipe fittings. The metal fitting easily came away from the oil pipe as it enters the hose. I remounted it for the purposes of the picture. 

The part is so flimsy that I cannot see what purpose it served, but would welcome some reassurance this is the case!



9E2E1390-BF4E-4CEE-AFD0-564E6DD08BA0.thumb.jpeg.48ae7967293af580abd19a68f7a676a1.jpeg C767691E-91B9-4C83-8637-4B3F46BCAD7B.thumb.jpeg.64bde1510aa79b2ab61ef20987b02ef1.jpeg



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I think it is just a finisher to tidy up the fittings on push fit connectors, sometimes they are just plastic. From your photo it looks like it has been fitted the wrong way round. I have the same fittings on may car and the supplier didn't include the finishing caps and it's been fine.

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