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Caterham Duratec SV and S3 Rear exit exhaust parts - SOLD


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I damaged my original rear exit exhaust by bottoming it out on N.Irelands bumpy roads so because of this and that I don't like the look of the rear silencer I've a noisy side exit my on 620 and will be needing earplugs!

I believe its a must for track use to comply with noise limits but I won't be doing any.

long side silencer to fit and SV - £300 (bought in error as my car is an S3)

link pipe to fit an S3 - £200 (though it can be extended by clamping a short sleeve on the 90deg end to make it fit an SV) 

rear silencer - £200

Price includes postage to UK address.

Email me on msmit150@hotmail.com


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