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llandow sprint


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Entry List for Llandow, you should be shortly receiving an email with the entry list and finals.


Class 1

504 Mark Bennett

505 Clive Marsden

508 Steve Causey

511 Steffan Eldred

512 Robert Jacobs


Class 2

624 Max Luke

524 Sam Luke

525 Mike Cocker

527 Roger Legg

528 Chris Bramall

530 Alan Bowler

531 Robert Spencer

532 Paul Collins

533 Andrew Willoughby

534 Graham Howard


Class 3

544 Tony Smith

545 Philip Matchwick

547 James Thornton

551 Oliver Wright

555 Matthew Jenkins


Class 4

566 Jeremy Davies

567 Mike Sankey

Class 5

679 Gill Elwell

575 Graham Denholm

576 Simon Harrison-Moore

579 Shaun Elwell

580 Stuart Miller


Class 6

590 Mark Durrant

593 Simon Rogers

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In the final instructions it states that : Any competitor wishing to carry on-board video equipment must FIRST OBTAIN WRITTEN PERMISSION from the Chief Scrutineer.


Is it sufficient to have your camera mounted when scrutineering occurs or is there a standard form to complete or ?







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