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Emergency Tyre Seal


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Hi Everybody,

One of my christmas holiday jobs is to convert to a removable spare wheel carrier.

I was wondering what is the best tyre seal to use? Also what is the worst?

We use Holst at work but this is just on wheelbarrows and we get about a weeks use before reinflating and we never seem to bother getting the tyre repaired so gets expensive

The Caterham one seems okay on price?



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Emergency tyre seal is just that - it's enough to get you to a garage/home where you can sort the problem out.


For the wheelbarrows, try some OKO tyre sealant - though it may not work too well if you are going slowly.


They also do some tyre sealant for cars and bikes, which may help, as it seals the puncture. You have to put this in when the tyre is good, and it is probably messy at tyre change time.


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