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Steel shelving units


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Quite a few surplus to requirements, all used, most with a nice protective ocvering of machine oil, dust, dirt etc 😬, in nice machine grey. Very strong.


2.5m high, 915mm wide, 315 front to back. All have a minimum of 7 shelves and a top - which is really a shelf. Most with 2-part steel back panels. Quite a few with up to 12 shelves.


Construction is a steel angle section at each corner, 2.5m high, drilled at regular intervals (1" or so I'd guess at). Shelves have holes/slots and are easily screwed to the angles with nut/screw. Uprights easiy cut down and reassembled to the height you require - mine are now around 4ft high and under the house.


Currently stored outside, so a little surface rust appearing. All currently assembled. Easily taken apart with large flat-bladed screwdriver and a 14mm spanner. It is possible to get three complete units, dismantled, into a Pug 106, below window height (as at the time, Police were at the end of the road looking in the canal/river).


Collection only I'm afraid, and if needed, self-dismantling. Located in Shipley, West Yorks. Can probably arange weekend collection, maybe, certainly any day next week in working hours. Plus weds onwards after Christmas.


£40 each unit - discount for bulk. All cash going to work charity fund.



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