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Something for Christmas shedders?


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You would think being a somewhat revered member of the teaching profession operating within the highest echelons of his career (to wit teaching at the poshest of posh schools) he could, at least, learn how to do a link *confused*


I will deign to click on it once the easy link button is set here




(BTW Wile7/Dave Hardly are you about of the weekend of the British GP???? *wink* *wavey* 😶‍🌫️)

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Now I have clicked on the link I have to say :-


1. It's a good posting here, worthy of some thought *thumbup* *wink* 😬.


2. Teachers have a f***ing cushy life when they have enough time to wander the internet enough to find that *tongue*.






(Sh1t - realises I am sort of/kind of/maybe a teacher of something *eek*)


Saw blades here


How to drive a car here



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*arrowup* *arrowup* ..and the same goes to you GJT, Saturday the 9th you really should attend, 20 miles away, already one 21 coming (it gives you time to get it back on the road/give yourself a target to get it done), if you don't come and have some fun, on the day I WILL tell Mr Dave21P that your 21 couldn't make it - HE will not be happy *eek* *eek* *eek*


You 21 guys say the club doesn't love you - but I welcome you with open arms *cool*




*wavey* Hi Stephen - no pressure 😬 😬 😬 😬


Edited for poor spelling - I had a cr@p English teacher 😬)


Edited by - Richard @ Summit on 12 Dec 2010 16:38:18

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