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A JBE turntable


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A friend of mine has a JBE turntable for sale - He wants £350 plus p&p for this and has given the following description


A JBE Series 3 turntable with a SME series 3S pickup arm.The plinth is sculptured from a solid block of slate from the quarries of North Wales.The tone arm mounting is cut to SME dimensions.The motor is direct direct drive, well proven and it's exemplary performance is second to only to it's reliability.Much attention has been paid to the design of the platter both from the acoustic and aesthetic point of view.The turntable system is completed and complemented by an off deck control box.The deck is in good condition only a

rubber bung that fits on the lower part of one of the supporting legs is missing





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Edited by - paul gilchrist on 1 Dec 2010 17:05:27

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