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Dayglo yellow 2 pack paint with primer, clear uv laquer and hardeners


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I ordered flourescent stripes for my British Racing Green car, plus matching dayglo paint at great expense for the roll bar and 7 grille. Having spent hours applying the stripes, it looks a bit too "in your face" so have decided to remove the stripes and tone it down to a softer non dayglo orange. Hence I have for sale:

1 litre x A411 Dayglo Yellow GLS inc 9002 Hardener

1 litre x A411 clear gloss inc 9002 Hardener

1 litre MPS4+1 white primer inc 9004 Hardener

The total price was £123.38. Paints are a few weeks old still in delivery box with receipt.

Looking to try and recoup as much as possible (hopefully around £90) - any offers please? Might part-ex some dark glasses *cool* *cool* *cool* *cry*

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