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5 3/4 Headlamps

Paul Formston

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I can agree with what Martyn has said, using Philips Xtreme bulbs, I find I get more light than the standard bulbs, but there is a big hole right where I need some light, and no matter how I move the lights, I can't seem to focus the lights, and that's using uprated reflectors too. Quite disappointing really, but there again, night driving is only about 5% of all y Seven driving, so not too much of a disadvantage and the car looks far better, especially since I lowered them too *biggrin*


Paul J.


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At this time of year about half of my driving is in the dark (or yesterday in the thick fog).

I was wondering about more lights 😳

Do you think I could fit some between radiator and grill?


Democratic dissent is not disloyalty, it is a positive civic duty.

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Hi Golf Juliet Tango I think if you fit a alloy Angle/channel into the bottom of the nose cone and you could fit some small high powered spots the channel could be fitted with some aircraft Hyloks for neatness Regards Paul


North Wales Sports Cars caring for Caterhams in North Wales.


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