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The Dawn of the Test Area: Grant Me a Wish!

Laurence Wilson

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I refuse to renew my membership just in time to see Fletch sink the Test Area aboard a pirated roll-on roll-off ferry in the middle of the English channel! What if he was unsuccessful and we ended up at Gosport? I don't like Gosport!


Back in my day we use to play the three word story to pass time. Well ... until it was pointed out we were sapping bandwidth.


Hows about this: first sheddist makes a wish - second sheddist grants wish in a literal fashion and requests a new wish.


E.g. I wish I didn't have to go to bed; I've got work in the morning.

Granted. I've burnt your bed, you can kip on the floor.


I wish I had a big pair of breasticles to play with.


my flickr!

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