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T58 BGX ?


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Yep, got me :)


Were you in the white one with red stripes, or the purple one that came two minutes later? Actually my guess is the purple one because I think the white one was "one up".


Unfortunately I got so excited by seeing THREE Caterhams in the space of about 15 minutes that I managed to forget I wasn't number one in a queue to get out onto a larger road. Clutch came up, brain came back online a moment too late. :( New nosecone please parts department. Feeling very silly *redface* The other car fortunately had a big bendy plastic bumper and they couldn't even see where I'd made contact.


Edited by - peterpi on 13 Apr 2009 22:20:51

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Hi Peter- my car is Honda Supersonic blue which is a pearlescent colour so it does look "purple" in some lights! Sorry to hear of your misfortune- yours was the only 7 we saw but other half spotted a Westy going the other way near Pevensy.



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