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Zetec - the next stage - what's needed?


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So, let's just say, for purely research purposes, I was interested in knowing how much it would cost to take my Zetec to the next stage of tune...


Current spec is:

2.0lt Silver Top

Piper 285H cams

Ported head

Jenvery 45 TB's + 90mm trumpets

Uprated rod bolts

R500 fuel pump and quite large injectors (which should be good for 250bhp'ish as I'm only running 3 bar FPR).

Made 201@ 7200rpm on the rollers in current state.


So, I am guessing:

Convert head to mech followers and fit larger valves

Rods & pistons

New cams

New FPR to let more fuel in


Cost of above anyone?


Rainy bank holidays are bad - too much time to think *wink*


Phil Waters

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Hi Phil


I did an engine some time ago for Mike Riley.


It had a big valve head. I had some hydraulic cams made with more lift and duration than aything else that was available. This was to save money and grief to going mechanical which to work really well would have required over-size followers and more machine work than the job warranted. I quite like hydraulic followers in a road car.


We fitted steel rods and forged pistons so we could sleep at night but could have probably just about got away with the stock components if we could have been bothered to pocket the pistons. It had 50mm throttle bodies because that is what I managed to pick up second-hand cheap as the seller was worried that they were too big for him to use. 50mm is stardard on lots of V-twin road bikes with the same sort of cylinder capcity so they didn't particularly scare me.


I had valves made that are 1mm over-size that will fit on the existing seats. I also have 2 mm larger inlets that requires new inlet seats.


Mike didn't have the engine very long before going over to a Hyabusa. It was sold to a customer in Denmark. He dynoed it at 240 bhp, won some races and was impressed enough to have me prepare another head with 2mm oversize inlets and supply some more cams to build another engine.


The Zetec is a great engine. I think the crank is much nicer than the standard Duratec. Shame that the engine is under-square.


With Mike's engine we weren't aiming for as much power as we could get. Just a nice jump from the 195 bhp approx. he already had. He also wanted it to have good road manners.


I suppose if you really put your mind to it you could get 250-260 bhp. I've done quite a few Zetecs (one went out on Saturday). Mostly around 195-205 bhp. Very little request for bigger power levels from this engine.


Feel free to give me a call for a chat. I remember you helped me a lot when I first got my Caterham and was doing my Zetec installation. Now I can return the favour with any advice I can give.







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