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Sony XPERIA X1 Phone


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Following spiel shamelessly cut and pasted from my Ebay listing:



This is my Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 smartphone/PDA.


It is BRAND NEW and I have only taken it out of its box to check it works. It even still has the factory applied cellophane on the screen! The supplied CD is opened but perfect condition.


I have listed it as unlocked as I have tested it with both O2 and 3 sim cards and it works/makes calls perfectly. I have every reason to believe it will work with any network but if you want me to test it with a particular one, I will attempt to borrow a sim card to confirm it (prior to listing end only).


I have used one of these X1's for months and they are amazing! The screen quality is stunning and films look like DVD's when watched on it. I am including a 4gb memory card with it and will fill it with some films prior to despatch, if you like.


The real brushed stainless steel finish and metal chassis gives this phone an expensive, quality feel and it looks it too.


It has an excellent camera and I have run Tom-Tom on this model and it's brilliant (especially with the slide-out keyboard).


I'm sorry but I will not post this outside of the UK.


Anyway, good luck and if you have any questions, just ask.



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