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engine out - what else to do


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Change the CRB & clutch now it's out ... *confused*


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Hose out the "grot traps". Allow to dry for a week in a warm dry garage. Then spray with Waxoyl and run some along the trough at the bottom of the side skins where they wrap under the chassis rails.






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Definitely clean the 'bay - but I wasn't convinced by waxoyl when I was using my 7 through the winter when I first got it. My reservation is that it tends to accumulate grit and cr&p itself.


I prefer the option of a decent clean and theny trying to keep on top of it with regular floodings of WD40/GT85/whatever.


Might be worth thinking if you need any extra wiring put neatly into the loom - eg. for a remote relay/switch for the fan, speedo wiring for a wheel-based sensor (bike computer, Vapor, Stack/whatever).


Mebbe now's (almost) the time to make/fit a half-bay (up to the front of the sump) undertray to help keep the grot out in the first-place. I wouldn't go for a full tray in retrospect - keeps the engine-bay very-clean but also keeps heat in.


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Ok great, so basic maintenance, i've just ordered pace dry sump and Elite sequential box, so new clutch and CRB will do as a matter of course and will look at the wiring, would like a stack dash.....god i'm rebuilding the whole car virtually!




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