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Red Caterham 4 point quick release harnesses with plug in crutch straps (Luke)


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I'm selling the harnesses from my year 2000 superlight. The plug in crutch straps with T bar were fitted around 2004. FIA expiry dates are 2005 - so ok for road & trackday but not competition.


I removed them solely because I changed the colour of the car and they would have looked odd and for no other reason. That said, here is their history & condition...


The passenger harness is in good condition, but could do with a wash. There is a little fraying on the loose end of one of the lap straps (see pictures). This was caused by a mouse that briefly took up residence near the car but the damage is minor and importantly is far enough along that it wont have any effect whatsoever on the safety or function of the strap (unless your pax is particularly generously proportioned)


The Drivers harness was being used when I had a little shunt. The impact was sideways, not head-on, as I essentially wiped the front of the nosecone off against some armco. The car was not stopped by the impact, it slid to a halt sideways rubbing the nose along the barrier. I had no bruising & no injuries. Following their inspection of the car, the insurance company said they did not need to be changed.

There is some fraying of the lap strap where it attaches to the buckle which was present before the accident (see pictures). I assume Luke could repair/replace this strap if you wished.


pictures here


£50 +p&p for the lot



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I am going to the LADS practice day at Curborough tomorrow if that helps?






Back in a BEC! - But trying to get into Class 1...

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Ahh..Mr Chan *wavey*- didn't realise you were going to Curborough. Sneaking in more practice? *tongue*


Looks like Curborough is the best solution all round - Nick A, I will give the money to Nick C to forward on - this is like something out of a Dr Seuss book


Matt, many thanks for the offer.


Hope the rain stays away tomorrow - Enjoy all *smile*.



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