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Llandow Regs & Entry Form plus Test Day

Mark Durrant

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The regs and entry form for Llandow the second round of this years Lotus 7 Club Speed Championship sponsored by Freestyle Motorsport should now be sitting in your Inbox awaiting your attention. In order to maximise the chances of having your entry accepted please complete the form (we are in class L7) and return as quickly as possible. Note: Please ensure you include a self addressed envelope.


I have also spoken with Llandow Circuit and they have agreed to run a test day on Friday 8 May. I have negotiated a discounted rate of £100 for a full day (normally £120) and £50 for a half day (normally £60). If you interested in attending please reply to the email and I will advise you on how to book. Please note this is a test day open to Speed Championship Competitors only. Unfortunately, Gary May is unable to attend this year due to other commitments however, a number of experienced sprinters will be on hand to advise on car set up and driving the sprint course.


Mark D

Comp Sec *cool*



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Hi Mark


I am just filling out the entry form for Llandow but i dont want to send it off if i cant get an entry to Llys Y Fran. I have no entry form for the sunday ! are they on the way ?


Also on the Llandow entry it asks for Lic No of entrant, does that mean my road driving licence number ?


Sorry my first event and its all new

When do the entry forms come out for Shelsley ?


Mad Hatter Racing - Feel The DuralightR Torque 😬 *thumbup*

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Mad Hatter


The Llys y Fran regs were sent out by email on 24 March and I'll forward you a copy in a couple of minutes. I recommend you send in the entries for Llys y Fran and Lllandow ASAP which should get you an entry. I post on Blatchat each time a set of regs are sent out so please monitor the website.


The licence number required on the entry form is the MSA licence number shown on the front of your race licence. If you still to recieve your licence write 'applied for'.


Mark D

Comp Sec *cool*


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List of Entries received as of todays date:


Alistair Gibbins

Ian Keen

Nicholas Chan

Michael Barnham

Richard Price

Matthew Jenkins

Andrew Jenkins

Graham Howard

Alan Bowler

Jackie Macbeth

Mark Gibson

Suzanne Gibson

Michael Sankey

Joseph Bennett

David Horne

Robin Brackett

John Hughes

Clive McCall

Graham Vingoe

Nigel Fox

Martin Sargeant

Stuart Miller

Paul Forster

Lynn Gilbert

Chris Howard-Harris

Mark Durrant

Kevin Evans

Adrian Williams

David Nelson

Simon Rogers

Gill Elwell

Shaun Elwell

Carl Van Baars

Stephen Gatward

Gavin Craig



Mark D

Comp Sec *cool*


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