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Superlight Wheels 6x13 & 7x13 (Minator/Minilite lookalikes)


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Owing to a new set of Minators on order......


Superlight wheels (by Performance Industries), superlite/minilite copies (de-dion fitting)


2No. 6x13" offset 2P (ET2?), sit ok under normal cycle wings, good condition, silver with polished rims.


2No. 7x13" offset n7 (ET-7?), no good for standard width rear arches unless running smaller tyres than 205/60/13s (888s) as I have found - suggested to me that they probably were intended for an escort or similar? These will be listed on flea-bay anyway as and when I get round to it.


All four have been run on my car (not sure for how long before I had it though they seem to have been on all the old pictures I have found from previous owners, adverts, etc.).


All wheels in good condition though I will check over again to make sure. See my home page below for pics of wheels on car.


No tyres fitted (going to new wheels!).


£70 each pair, buyer to arrange collection (from Caterham though I am in Dartford too quite regularly at the moment - though I'm nothing to do with CC 😬).






Orange and Loud




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