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Which offers most grip?

Fishy Dave

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I have my first ever race this Bank holiday Monday at Castle Combe. The weather forecast is looking like rain may be a possibility, so need to choose which set of tyres to put on my spare rims.

I have a set of almost new Yokohama A539s and a set of half worn CR500s. I know it's hard to answer, but what are your thoughts about which set to use for wet weather racing?

I was thinking that the A539s would be better in a downpour with their deeper tread blocks, whilst the CR500s may be better in 'normal' wet weather due to a softer rubber and less block movement?




David Smitheram, Wiltshire (South) AR, 07718 368173.

1400 supersport ex racer

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Hi Dave,


I'll be in the same race in the C class...


It's a very friendly bunch of guys, although the Tigers tend to keep to themselves a bit since they don't race with us every time.


Michelin slicks for me too if its dry, will be on CR500s (my normal road tyres) if it's drizzly...I bought some second hand Avon wets too over winter, but have never used them to date, hopefully won't need to at the weekend.


I'll look out for you in the paddock - biggest learning curve for the first race last season for me was the rolling start, there is quite a bit of 'interpretation' of the rules going on. There was even a race last season where a Mini managed to do a 180 degree spin while we were on the formation lap before we had crossed the start line. The stewards were not happy *nono*




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I have no race experience obviously, but have found exactly what Graeme mentions -I would always prefer '48's/888's in the wet compared to the harder tyres - you accept that for the 1% of surface that has standing water you need to be careful, but the rest of the time the other tyres offer far more grip.


Good luck in your first race Dave!!

(any news on tank *wavey*)






102,000 miles car

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