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Useful information for the K4 to K7 series GSXR Engines.


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Hi All. *wavey*


Just made a discovery with the GSXR range of engines that might save you some trouble in future.


Picture the scene, completely standard K6 GSXR 1000 engine with standard airbox installed.


Everything wired up correctly, engine warmed up to 83 Deg.


Engine running full rich all the time and refuses to clear. Lots of flames in the exhaust at high rpm.


Engine water temperature sender indicating the correct temp etc.


Fuel pressure set at 43 PSI with calibrated guage.


ECU not showing an actual fault but reading as running in limp home mode ie full rich and some! Black smoke everywhere!


After some serious head scratching, found that the tiny pipe on the MAP sensor was loose, almost off.



ECU not receiving a value from the MAP sensor and running in full safe mode.


The pipework is almost impossible to see as it runs under the airbox but, clearly had been disturbed during the installation.



Not the most exciting story I grant you but if this ever happens to you, it may save you several hours looking for the problem.





Edited by - guilleracing on 5 Apr 2009 15:57:27

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