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O/T: Paddy Hopkirk

Frying Pan

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Hi Guy *wavey*


Paddy is ever such a nice bloke. He would be more than happy to chat with you if you see him again. He loves to talk about rallying, cars in general and any other subject under the sun. Actually I think he just loves talking.... *tongue*


I am fortunate to have done some business with one of the companies in which he is involved. He's good as a kind of ambassador/PR man whilst the rest of the staff (including his son Patrick) run about doing the business. *smile*








*tongue*There's no such thing as too much IQ per Pound 😬

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We used to live next door to them (in what used to be the old gardens of the house they live in), but we've moved a bit further up the road now.


He's a nice chap, and often has interesting stuff on his drive.


Certainly far better than the previous residient - armed robber/ drug dealer. He went down and had to sell the house. Once he was out, he managed to kill himself taking off from a grass airstrip that was never going to be long enough for the plane he was flying *rolleyes*


See some pictures of the build here. 15000 miles completed!
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