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propshaft length?

graham bass

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Can anyone tell me the length of a propshaft on a crossflow engined car with 5 speed box please.

Diff flange to end of splined input shaft at g/box end.

Just converting from MT75 to type 9 and the current prop is completely different.



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Thanks for the offer, I'll check the bolt pattern of my diff, though can't see it being different to that of a de dion as they're both Ford.

The engine and box are going in on Wednesday night so can measure up the prop length and confirm all is ok.

I'll mail you direct as yours may be a cheaper option than having mine 'cut and shut'.

Cheers for now


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Peter, having got my engine and box in I assusme the length you gave me was the length of the prop minus the length of spline inside the g/box?

The length I measuerd matched yours given.


millsn, I'll check the other query on the flange bolt arrangement and mail you


Many thanks both *thumbup*

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