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HiFi Stuff Free or Small NTL donation

Foxy Smith

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Having a clear out and have some obsolete items that someone might be interested in. Happy for these to go free or possibly small NTL donation.


Cambridge Audio CD3 CD player

Cyrus Two Amplifier

NAD Stereo Cassette Deck 6325

NAD Stereo Tuner 4155


As far as I know all these work OK although there might be an issue with the Phono posts on the amp.

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Hi Simon Mac, have replied to your emails but are bouncing back. Essentially what you suggest is fine. CD player and amp work well together, as above there may be an issue with Phono input on amp but this is not certain.


Do you want to pick up? 15 mins from Gatwick or other arrangements??

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Hi Epicurus, yes still have tape deck although like yourself realised that we would have nothing to play our old tapes on I am currently making digital copies of the most favourite. If you don't mind waiting a month or so until I can get this finished you are welcome to the machine.


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