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Weekend in Anglesey - several

Shoots U Sir

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Whilst not in mine ☹️


Friday - Sky Blue with silver/white nose band and bonnet strip A5 heading away from Betws-y-Coed towards Llangollen. *wavey* from Renault Clio heading in opposite direction but don't think you saw.


Saturday - Ally & Red, aero'd and white helmet on A55 heading towards track around 11:30am


Sat - Black, white stripe, roof up!!! in lane heading away from track around 4:15pm, flashed and *wavey* from Clio... there was a white Viper with blues stripes in your vicinity too.


Sat on the track - only stopped by for a quick nose but saw - RK09 AXX ally and black, GN55 VSU bright green and Red M50 TAX? Think there was also an ally & red but seen from distance.


03 S3VC 184 (when the cat's on *wink*)

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