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I have here up for sale a brand new and unused stain still in its orignal wrapper.


This is a very versatile stain and can be used on many items of clothing carpet or any other soft furnishing to give it that "used" look.


The colour of the stain is dark brown and the packing simply describes it as "Cack stain made in China".


What makes this stain extremely unusual is that it is a limited edition of 500 and is numbered 15/500.


This stain can either be used as required or would make a fine addition to a stain collection.







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It is gratifying to know that Mr T has clearly considered this purchase closely, as can vbe noted by the nature of his questions.


The great thing about brown, and about this stain in particular, is that it will co-ordinate with virtually any colour (except the same shade of brown, wherein the stain becomes invisible following application).


With regard to SV or S3 I would comment that it would be preferable to use it on an S3 as the stain will cover a larger area of the car and will, correspondingly, look more effective. An additional option is that the stain could be applied to the tread of the A021’s thereby giving the impression that the driver has run over a cow pat.

On being accused of same, the driver would have the opportunity to exclaim “Ho ho ho you twot, I put that stain there myself”.


First dibs to Mr T


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I regret to inform the house that the stain from my power ranger suit fell off on saturday night in the loos at the Courtfield Arms. *nono*


Picture here




I was unable to collect it before some clod-hopping forester stood on it and destroyed it before it could be deployed elsewhere. *mad*


If this is paradise, I wish I had a lawnmower 😬


Webshots here

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To all the doubters out there I have to say this:


My stain has never been advertised before; it is a new sealed stain with a faint aroma wafting through the plastic; I suspect that this aroma may be reatly magnified once the stain was opened.


The stain comes with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY and was classed as a grade A stain.

The stain on the Power Rangers suit was a mere sh1t stain very likely caused by the driver frightening himself on a race circuit which resulted in a loose bowel movement.


This stain could be spread or mixed with Stork for a most effective diahorrea- like consistency; conversly it could be rolled into pastry and cut according to whether one wished to imitate mice droppings or a horse's evacuations.

Flexibility is the key with a stain of this quality.

Althouh I have made no reference to this previously as the vailidty of the writing on the top left of the wrapping has still to be validated it is believed to be from the world famous Brown Chopstick factory.

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