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Should the rear ARB have any lateral movement ?


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Hi when I pull/push the ARB side to side - ie between rear wheels it moves sideways by upto half an inch....should it ?...or does in mean the bushes are knackered ?


problem is the ARB linkage touches the inside of the tyre, even though when stationary there is a good 20mm of clearance ☹️


thanks Graham

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The bushes wont stop the bar moving side to side but if the bar is moving 20mm it sounds as if something is not assembled correctly , or you have a rogue bar


Are you sure the ARB is the correct one for your car . The bar should only be approx 5mm longer than the distance between the outer face of the bushes ,this will mean that the bar cannot move side to side much , if this is correct then it sounds as if the drop links are too long if rubbing on the tyre , shorten them both by the same amount .


Edited by - Mark W on 29 Mar 2009 19:10:26

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