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Stepper Motor Cleaning?

Matthew Newton

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So I found out last night....left alone as everything looked okay.


From a my previous thread, the 7 has occassionally stalled pulling up to a junction; and was advised that it could probably be the IACV / Stepper Motor that needed a clean.


My 1.4K SS, has the early rover stepper motor rather than the IACV; therefore I left the thing alone, except for a squirt of electric contact cleaner on the plug (after the stepper motor had been replaced) and a general squirt of carb cleaner around the throttle mech in case anything was abit sticky! Then finally re-set the ECU; started fine, but time didn't allow for a run out last night to see if any of this has helped.


Any Ideas??


Ali / BRG 1400 SS on the loose! *tongue*


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As a 1400 with a stepper motor TB, it doesnt have an IACV. The slow running is set by the stepper motor/ECU controlling the throttle shut position.

Check free movement on the pushrod to the throttle and ensure it is not sticking.

Check there are no leaks on the vacuum pipe to the ECU and the cam cover to plenum bleed.

Check the throttle cable adjustment.

Reset the ECU (5 full depressions on the accelerator with ignition on).


Sometimes it just seems to idle too fast or cut out, usually after thrashing the engine. Seems to settle down after switching off and restarting.




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