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I have just been looking at the class records and I think they need to be updated.

Class 2 - Llandow - need I say more *wink*

The only trouble is I have a nasty feeling that there may be some other pretty good times lurking in the results for previous years somewhere.

Just remembered, we probably all set records at Lys y Fran as well *wink* *wink*

Didn't we do well!


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hmm...when someone offers me a dual drive 😬 lol!


or....when the car is fixed....still discussing the settlement with insurance company..... 🙆🏻 as soon as that's resolved, engine will be out and car taken up to arch! hmm...depending on when Bruce can then fit it in......there's 2 grads races this weekend at Snett and the superlights/ roadsports etc at Coombe......could be a busy few weeks for Bruce 😬 😬 😬


may not be doing too much this year then ☹️ if I don't then I think I might just do my ARDS!!! 😬 😬


Dannyboy *tongue*


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