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Bargain 1.8K 6-sp Roadsport


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Had a go at selling my car at the end of last year, but I had the price a bit high and had left it too late in the year. Anyway - now I need to sell it, and can no longer afford to muck about - so somebody can get my beloved car at bargain price...


Titanium Silver

Factory built

Factory maintained

Standard tune 1.8 Rover K

Caterham 6-speed

Wide track

Full Roadsport - weather, heater, 14" minilites/Avon road tyres

Leather seats

Momo wheel

New, factory fitted, fibreglass all-round.


Two years old, 14,000 road only miles.


£15,000 - come and see it, make me an offer.


Can email pics.


Feel free to call me - 01306 640182

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Missed your postings, because I only see the web from my office. Pictures sent to you now on email, hope they are of interest.


Two people have expressed an interest since Thursday - one is coming down tomorrow, the other later in the week. Obviously I want to get the best price that I can, but on the other hand I do need to shift the car as soon as possible - this means that I'm likely to let it go to the first reasonable offer.


My home number is 01306 731198 - feel free to call me there if I'm not in the office. Mobile is 07767 615984.



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Sorry mate - bit slow on the replying. Have sent one back to you...


Still got the car, but only just... I've had five serious enquiries since Thursday, from this one ad. Car will be sold soon (I hope) - so by all means get in touch.


The rear wing is now replaced - 'glass is as new all-round.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Car is now sold - thanks to all those who called, and good luck to all those whose search continues!


Stuart - hope you enjoy the car as much as I did.


House will now come before wheels for a little while.

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