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gearing & diff for live axle car


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I don't know about "best" set-up, I can only tell you about what worked for me.


I used a 3.9 with a 2000E gearbox. This has a 2.9 1st gear. Other ratios are similar to what you've already got.


This is a very cost-effective approach which does work well. Some people go to a 4.4 with a close ratio straight -cut gearbox, usually a 2.5 or 2.251st, 1.7 2nd, 1.2(ish) 3rd , direct top.

Very expensive option.


Yet another cheaper option ,if you don't mind having 4gears,is to use a Type9 5speed with a very low-ratio diff (5.1 or 5.3) and forget about 1st gear altogether. This has the effect of bringing the ratios closer together, and you end up with a top gear that is actually useable on a sprint track.



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