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Mothers Ally Polish for Sale


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  • 2 weeks later...

Shame you thought you had a customer!!


Come on you lot, at that price what a bargain. I would take a pot but without a 7 at the moment I am struggling to find something to polish.


Don't let the Perry family starve!



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Puffmeister, I don't know what you could possibly mean.......

Speaking of polishing, have you managed to get Kate to polish yours yet?


Innuendo, what innuendo? You will be pleased to know that I am no longer Se7enless, thanks to the model Se7en that is now proudly displayed on my desk following a hand delivery (steady)by my parents during their recent visit. Wish it would swell up into a full sized version (I better leave it there before I get ejected by the site manager).


Happy se7ening you lucky buggers. This enforced cold turkey is a nightmare, only one thing for it.....just need to find a decent LHD example ....mmmmmmm



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You shouldn't talk about me behind my back Rodders!!!!


I take great pride in my polishing - the standard (though I say so myself) is exceptional - but what I polish and when is my own business......!!! wink.gif







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Too late Rodders.....I've been polishing all weekend!!!! teeth.gif


Andy - thank you for the offer but I think Mothers will probably disintegrate rubber!!! wink.gif


Got some miles in on the 7 this weekend....the Puffmeister has just about got his colour back and I managed to crowbar his finger nails out of the dash!!! eek.gif


Keep stroking the model....on your desk....and remember to wipe up the drool when you've finished!! tongue.gif



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